We are thrilled to announce to you the launch of our new YouTube show! We are hitting the streets, the highways and byways and interpreting and documenting the dreams of the homeless and random person on the street and in the RV parks across America . . .you don't want to miss this!



I have taught on dream interpretation for the last 15 years. For the last 22 years our Mandate from the Lord as a family has been Isaiah 58. 

The promise given to us as we launched out is:

"if you turn your face to the physically hungry, I will give you the spiritually hungry as your reward"

Many of you are aware that we have been traveling in our 40ft rig (Grace) for over year now. We travel with 5 kids, an Executive Assistant, and two large dogs. **can you say sacrifice** (this girl needs a bathtub and some space!!!)

Remember Our First Video! Click Here If You Need A Refresher

We are preparing to launch our very own exclusive YouTube show as we interpret the dreams for the homeless and provide them with basic life staples, ie, food, socks, toiletries, hygiene products, and lots and lots of hugs and love..

The Church at large, is seeking revival within the four square walls. Our experience is that revival is breaking out in the streets! So many that our society has labeled derelicts and outcasts are actually Gods perfect candidates to receive the promise of his spirit being poured out in the last days.

As we travel and interpret dreams of homeless people and "the man on the street", we're discovering that their dreams are quite different than the dreams the church is experiencing. The church tends to dream more about identity and character issues , whereas many homeless people that we have encountered are having dreams that are more prophetic in nature, revealing and speaking more with regards to national and global events, God is not only speaking to the believer, but He is also revealing Himself, His nature and character. Our loving , kind God is speaking in dreams to those lowly in spirit and broken in heart.

We will be launching our YouTube show in January 2018

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We hope that you will share in our excitement!

We’ll be travelling from city to city, feeding the homeless and interpreting their dreams. We believe that this will paint a dream map, per~se and provide us with  somewhat of a pulse on "whats happening" in our cities, and lending an ear to those that felt they had no VOICE.

We named our ministry Mandate58.  It was created and established on what God speaks of in Isaiah 58.

We've recognized that the church in general does not walk in this particular area of it's mandate and purpose. She is lacking in her obedience to God, and perhaps not clearly hearing and responding to this area that we believe is a vital Kingdom protocol.  All throughout Isaiah 58, the scripture clearly instructs us to turn our face to His broken, to turn our face to His homeless, and to turn our face to the naked; and THEN you will hear my voice, and THEN your healing will come quickly. It is unfortunate that we have simply created an "inside the box" method and form of religious practices. while we do recognize commend the churches that have a homeless program,it is imperative that it evolve to the streets and produce a lifestyle, not a program. The Bible says, "won’t you fast from this lifestyle? Not fast from your food, or electronics, fasting from a life, the American life, the American nightmare . .. er . . .Dream.

Will you spend it on the hungry? And the promise given to us, is that if we feed the physically hungry, God will give us the spiritually hungry as our inheritance..

What is God saying to people NOT IN THE CHURCH?

What will they think when they realize this Great Big God is speaking directly to them?

What happens when you sit and talk to our nations homeless and give them a voice?

And we cordially invite YOU to be a part of it! 

HOW?!? I thought you'd never ask! We need 50 partners to be willing to partner with us for a year at $100.00 a month in order to see this vision through.

Our Mandate as a body of Christ is Isaiah 58.  

Do you ever experience depression? Do you feel like your prayers are not heard? Do you have an illness that just won't go away? Maybe you feel like your light isn't seen by others, or you can't get your message to be heard.  The Bible has the ANSWER!!!  and it is in Isaiah 58, go see for yourself! 

Maybe you can't get into the streets yourself or for whatever reason you can't do it on your own, you can partner with us or another ministry financially and reap a harvest!!  YOUR HARVEST!!  

Learn More About Mandate58

See our blog post!

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"doing the stuff"

Photos from the last year of our travels.


...... in the streets of "anytown" USA it's not real hard to find those in need of basic life essentials that we can help with less than we might pay for a fast food meal.


..... we need are people like YOU who have the heart and resources to help and desire to partner with us essentially allowing us to be the hands and feet reaching these less fortunate ones.


...... the time is NOW. You know the old saying, "strike when the iron is hot?" Well, when it comes to the basics that the homeless are in need of the iron never cools off. 

We need YOU.

We need your help to make this happen.

But Wait . . .

We have created some pretty cool stuff, so don't leave the site empty handed. We spent well over a year developing these amazing instructional courses in order to help fund our mission.

12 Week Online Dream Interpretation Course

If you have read every dream interpretation book out there and still don't understand how to interpret your dreams, THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU!

 Dream Interpretation is better caught than taught.  Journey with us as we walk through each dream, step by step.

The Dreamers Kit

You will receive tools & training you'll get every month as a Dreamers Monthly subscriber. You'll also get downloads, articles, tips & checklists to use with your dream journal, every day, to learn more about the parabolic language of Heaven. You'll even get a one-on-one dream coaching call and learn how to put that dream into ACTION!

Dream Circle Mentorship Group

Overwhelmed With Understanding Your Dreams?   
We are excited to invite you into our Private Dream Interpretation Mentorship and Ministry Launch Mastermind Training to Help You learn in a stress-free, community driven, environment.

So You Can Live the Life Of Your Dreams with Amy Coello in a private Facebook Training Group! 


I Love The Way You Speak To Me

"The Dream Song"

A few moons ago, Robert  had the privilege of leading worship for one of our Dream Conferences. Prior to the event, Robert crafted a beautiful song surrounding the night season with a tapestry of words and melodies that take you into a dreamlike state that speaks to your soul, provoking the listener with a greater desire and hunger to hear God as he reveals himself through Dreams.

"I believe that music is a gateway that leads us into the heart of God. I wrote this song as an anthem of my gratefulness to Him, for speaking to me, especially in the night season."

to purchase and download Roberts song, please click the link below Now.


 Click here to Access my Store


'You speak in one way that I don't understand, In a dream, in a vision of the night. When sleep falls upon me , You open my ears, and You warn me of things yet to come."

Job 33:15,16

Purchase Today. Change the World

Every product purchased helps us fund this vision and mission. We need your help to make this happen.

Brand Sponsors

Do you have a company or a product you want advertised? We have 58,000 followers and would love to promote your company/product to help fund the homeless mission, Mandate58. Lets Do It!! We are currently seeking brand sponsors at $500 to $2000 dollars monthly and everything in between. Contact us at [email protected] and lets talk about how to merge our visions. Your clients will appreciate it!


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